Bundt Cake Recipes

Bundt cake recipes are cake recipes that use a "bundt" cake pan or a round baking pan that with a hole in the middle and ridged, decorated sides. Bundt cake recipes use a dense cake such as a butter or pound cake recipe. Bundt cakes are sturdy and last well. Bundt cake recipes often call for a simple glaze or fruit topping.

The bundt cake recipes on this site range from classic, such as lemon bundt cake to much more exotic recipes such as cappucinno bundt cake.

The Bundt pan was created in 1950 by H. David Dalquist at the bequest of a group in Minnesota that wanted to create a Jewish dish called kugel. Existing cake pan designs were modified by introducting folds in the edge, creating the bundt cake pan.

Bundt cake recipes have grown in popularity since 1966 when a bundt cake recipe won second place at a Pillsbury sponsored baking contest. Bundt cake recipes have since been quite popular and bundt cake pan sales have increased.

The name Bundt comes from the German word bund, which means "a gathering of people." Dalquist simply added the letter t to the end and trademarked it. Pillsbury licensed the name in 1970 for a line of cake mixes.